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Hello and welcome once again. It’s lovely to see you.

I’ve spent the majority of this week preparing ways to ship out my products. That means a lot of sourcing boxes and envelopes (boring), and getting stickers and products printed (exciting). So, if you’ve ordered anything from me recently you might be getting a little something extra in your package. I hope you like it!

Like I’m 15 Again

I’ve also been rediscovering Oasis. Alongside my productive work I’ve been trying to convert all of my old cassettes to MP3, and I’ve got to the Oasis section. There are tons of old radio sessions, documentaries, bootlegs (naughty, naughty), and more. Now, I went off Oasis big time after Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. Yes, I stuck with them through Be Here Now, and, for what’s it’s worth, I think that album’s a banger. I mean, Fade In-Out has got to be one of their best songs in, like, ever. Anyway, I must have 10-15 old tapes of the Oasis glory years and MaadWeb HQ has been rocking. And to round out the week, Liam Gallagher announced a new album this morning. I love the way things coincide like that.

Internet Hell

I’ve also been having big trouble with my internet provider. Someone seems to want to cancel my account and move it to a new provider and I don’t know who it is. I keep phoning them to get it sorted and then I’ll receive an email saying its still being cancelled. When I call them again, they tell me that they spoke to me earlier and I wanted to cancel it. It’s weird. It’s either crossed wires, a personal vendetta, or somebody wants to bring MaadWeb down (lol). Whatever, I shall not be beaten! Even if I do have to spend a good chunk of my time on the phone trying to fix it. It does raise some questions about some internet providers security protocols though. It just goes to show that the secretive world of hackers is not quite like is it in the movies. Hardly Mr. Robot is it? However, if you really want to annoy your neighbour, this is a great way to do it.

And on those final words of wisdom, I bid you adieu for another week. Stay safe, have fun, smile.

Today’s soundtrack: Oasis – Right Here, Right Now (presented by Jo Whiley, circa 1997 – and the tape still plays perfectly)

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