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Custom Prints

In an act of unprecedented foresight I have come up with an idea that might help some of you out for Christmas presents! Bonkers ain’t it?

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed a new product in my store, if not, go and have a look now.

Have you done it yet? Good.

A Million Ideas

Now, the idea to do custom prints came about after chatting to my brother-in-law who liked the style of my Euro 2020 prints, but doesn’t really football. Rugby is his game, and he asked if I could do some rugby players in the same style. Now, this is something that I’ve been toying with for a while – it’s on my (massive) list of ideas that I haven’t got around to doing yet. I do like rugby and I used play Second Row when I was at school (District Champions I’ll have you know), and rugby often provides better and more iconic visuals than a lot of sports. Moments that could translate onto paper in a great way. And so, this idea has been bumped up the list in terms of priority, and it’s something that I will get onto when I get the time, I promise.

I decided to run another idea past him that has been floating around my head. This was to do custom prints of a particular person that would have a very limited appeal. Namely one of your loved ones. Now don’t get me wrong, you think they’re great and I think they’re great, but unless you’re Jack Grealish’s mum, I don’t think they’d have the wider appeal that warrants them a place in my store. And you probably wouldn’t want that anyway.

Ewan - original photo and custom print - MaadWeb

The Cost of Custom

I’ve put off doing this idea for a while because obviously, I’d have to charge more for these pieces as I wouldn’t be able to sell as many of them. – they would literally be one-offs. Also, the amount of work that I have to put in is the same regardless of whether I am doing your son/daughter or Cristiano Ronaldo. The other factor that comes into play is print run size. If I’m doing a print of Gareth Bale, I could get a run of 20 done and the price per unit is cheaper than if I’m just getting one done.

Anyway, the prices are what they are. I’m not trying to defend them; I’m merely trying to justify why they are what they are. I’ve kept them as low as they can be while still paying myself for my time and effort. And for what it’s worth, I think it is good value for a bespoke, custom, personalised print of your son/daughter/husband/wife/other loved one doing what they love. Something I am proud of and something you should be proud of too.

Fully Personalised

I’ve said on the product page that you have full control over the content of the print – you can dictate what the text says, if you even want the text there at all; the colour; literally everything is up to you. This will allow you to further personalise the print exactly to your specification.

All you need to do is choose the size of the print and whether you want it framed and click ‘Add to Basket’. From there, I’ll contact you to request the photo of your sporting superstar that you want to have digitally drawn and the other information that will be on the print. Then I’ll get on with doing the hard work. Once completed, I’ll be back in touch to check if it’s ok for you and, at this point, you will be able to request any changes or amendments. Repeat this loop until you’re perfectly happy, and then I’ll send it off to get printed up, and once I receive it, I’ll post it straight out to you.

I anticipate that I can get this whole process done in 10-12 days – from order, to you receiving the item. Obviously, at this point, you’ll be completely happy and leave me positive feedback on all of my different platforms so Google recognises that I am great person to do business with and bumps me up the rankings. Please.

64 days until Christmas

Thanks for taking the read this. I hope you’re as excited about this new product as I am. And remember, there are only 64 more days until Christmas.


Today’s boxset: Blair & Brown: The New Labour Revolution. Well made, despite the subject matter.

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