First off, merry Christmas, happy holidays, jouyeaux Noel to all of you. I hope this time of year is everything you want and need it to be. Be kind, have fun, and do whatever you need to make yourself happy.

As this time of year is a time of reflection, I’ve been thinking about the progress I’ve made, both personally and with MaadWeb, over the last year. And what a strange year it’s been.

Still in the Covid hole

I think everybody was hoping all this pandemic malarkey would be over with by now. The experts were saying it wouldn’t and they were right. But what is there if not hope? There’s been a sea change in feeling lately though, and a lot of people are like – ‘sod it, just let it rip’. Now this could be disastrous, but with all the double standards and hypocrisy that’s been going on behind the scenes, I can’t see another lockdown even working right now. I think it’s a case of get your jabs and cross your fingers.

For me, the most important thing is the effect this is having on everyone’s mental health. Nothing seems to make sense any more. Up is down. And people are really struggling. The endurance of the last two years is taking its toll but better days are coming. Be there for people. Try to understand that everyone is different. And reach out if you need help. This time of year can be horrible in even the best years.

2021 – A (Very) Brief Review

MaadWeb has been ticking along. I’ve designed 21 new prints over the last year (including an updated one this week) and I might list another one as a Christmas special. Although it has nothing to do with Christmas. Maybe that’s an idea for next year. In 2022 (2022? Really? Already??), I would love to release a new one every week. Like, a regular Friday thing. It’s Friday – it’s new design day! It’s a big ask though, so I’ll promise to do my best.

On a personal level, my new band is up and running and booking gigs well into next summer. Come and see us if you get the chance. It also looks like I’ll be designing our gig posters, so you can expect more on that front.


Finally, I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all customers and friends, past, present and future, who have supported myself personally, or MaadWeb. Please like my social posts, share them, comment on them, interact with them, read my blogs, visit my site. Spread the word. People have blank walls that need a MaadWeb on them.

Again, Merry Christmas, I hope you have a really lovely one, and an even better 2022.


Today’s soundtrack – 100ft Wave. Program about surfing really big massive waves.

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clients say...

“ I am a self-employed plasterer who wanted to advertise my business on Google. I contacted MaadWeb to find out my options. I found Adam very helpful over the phone, we arranged a meeting at my property and from there I was given the advice I needed. I made my decision on what I wanted and he put everything together for me. I am now advertising my services on Google. I found Adam to be very professional at his job and I am very pleased with the outcome. He told me to not hesitate to contact him if I needed to make any changes on the listing on Google or a website build. Thank you so much! ”

Eddie Gilks

Resolve Plastering

“ I've known Adam for a few years and he did a great job proof-reading and tidying up my site. It looks great now! ”

Ian Coulson

Play Pals Pets

“ Working with Adam was a pleasure. In developing the website, Adam added lots of value and was able to recreate our vision. The process was very efficient, helping us launch additional services quickly. The finished site is high quality and really cost effective. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Adam on upcoming projects and would highly recommend Adam's skills and services without hesitation. ”

Dave Hughes

Building Better Futures Now

“ Maadweb have been amazing in converting some old memories onto modern digital media. I am now looking forward to designing a website with these stars! ”

John B


“ Thanks for all the DVDs and stick. I’ve viewed several and lots of happy memories. Thank you for all your work ”

Susan C


“ Very friendly and helpful as one video cassette was broken in about 20 places he managed to retrieve what he could and loaded throughout.. ”

Jo S


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