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Building Better Futures Now

This project was a little bit different.  The owner of this site approached me because another web designer that he had commissioned became uncontactable.  Not only this, he was also unable to access his site to make any changes himself as he didn’t have the log-in details.  He risked starting all over again and losing his domain name which would be catastrophic to any business.  I managed to rescue the site (and the domain name) and was then asked to design the site from scratch.  

The colour scheme of any site is important and it should be pitched in a place that suits the brand, area of business, and potential client.  I opted to use a blue/white theme with large pictures to increase visitor interest and attention.  I felt that this conveyed the required level of seriousness appropriate for the business and wasn’t too imposing for any potential clients.  The content was provided for me and, other than proof-reading it and correcting any errors, I left it untouched (as is my standard policy).  I will offer grammatical suggestions where I see an opportunity for improvement, but generally, the client should dictate the content of the site and I fully endorse this.

After two or three checks with the client and the required amendments, they were completely satisfied and the site went live.

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