A Quick Update

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A Quick Catch Up A Quick Catch Up So, the summer holidays are finally over and the kids are back at school. Well, for a short time anyway. Within a week, I’d received three or four emails from the school telling me about Covid in the classroom, so it was inevitable that we’d get it […]

The Big Screen

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The Big Screen The Big Screen Today I went to the cinema today for the first time in (what feels like) three thousand years. It felt so strange to do something that I regularly used to do but haven’t been able to for 15 months or however long it’s been. The cinema has been turned […]

It’s the School Holidays!

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It’s the school holidays! School Holidays Sun is shining, weather is sweet. And… the school holidays are here. They came around quick, didn’t they? It only seems five minutes since… I’ll still be working during the holidays but I’ll have to prioritise what I do because time will be at a premium. All orders and […]

The Ugly Side of the Beautiful Game

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The Ugly Side of the Beautiful Game The Ugly Game So, it’s been five days since the Euro 2020 finals when England lost to Italy in the cruellest, most lottery-like way: penalties. It was horrible, but we should be so proud of the team and everyone involved behind the scenes. What an achievement it was […]

Euro Final Madness (And Inspiration)

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Euro Final Madness (and Inspiration) Euro 2020 Final So England have got through to the Euro 2020 final. What a feeling! It’s been 55 years since we last got through to a final so there a lot of people that have never seen this and felt this feeling. It would be absolutely brilliant to go […]

Best Euro Kits Ever

Ruud Gullit - Holland 88

Best Euro Kits Ever Best Euro Kits Ever Quick Euro 2020 update: Wales will play Denmark. England will play Germany. Scotland are out. This time next week, both England and Wales will be learning who they’ll play in the Quarter Finals. Hey, you’ve got to be positive. It was Father’s Day for us in the […]

East Coast

Wind Farms - East Coast, UK

East Coast Just a quick blog entry today. East Coast  I went away to the East coast for a few days so everything was put on pause. But boy, did I need a break. It was so good to put the laptop (and all my work) to one side and concentrate on my family and […]

March 2020

March 2020 Part Two (of two) of my lockdown diaries.  Another long one but I couldn’t stop writing. Turns out I had a lot to get off my chest. Something a bit cheerier next week, I just haven’t decided what yet. March 2020. Just as I was feeling that I was getting a grip on […]

Embrace the Grind

Embrace the Grind. The first of what I hope will become a weekly blog. I want to use this as a forum to air what I’m thinking about, talk about new things that I’m working on, and hopefully allow you to get to know who I am a better, and why am I am like […]