When Is A Party Not A Party?

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When is a Party not a Party? When is a Party not a Party? In a week where people have mainly been discussing what is or isn’t a party and whether or not they’ve accidentally found themselves at a party or not, I’ve mainly been working on one of my regular website customers. I do […]

Welcome 2022!

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Welcome 2022! Welcome 2022! Welcome 2022! I spent the New Year in beautiful Wales but now I’m back. There was a bit of a squeaky bum moment leading up to it, with the divergence of Covid restrictions between England and Wales. I was having to keep an eye on what both countries were doing, and […]


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IT’S CHRISTMAAASSS!!!! IT’S CHRISTMAAASSS!!!! First off, merry Christmas, happy holidays, jouyeaux Noel to all of you. I hope this time of year is everything you want and need it to be. Be kind, have fun, and do whatever you need to make yourself happy. As this time of year is a time of reflection, I’ve […]

Laptop Problems

Blue Screen of Death - Mock Image

Laptop Problems Laptop Problems I’m back! It’s been a couple of weeks because my computer died, but I’m back. It upgraded to Windows 11 and was working fine, then it did an update and completely died. I mean Blue Screen of Death died. There was nothing I could do. I tried uninstalling the updates but […]

The One Where Covid Kicked My Head In

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The One Where Covid Kicked My Head In The One Where Covid Kicked My Head In So, this week was the week that Covid caught up with me. Covid Dick I felt a bit rough last Friday and kept needing to go to the toilet (number one’s) – I was even joking that I had […]

International Break

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International Break International Break I’ve missed Premier League so bad. Yeah, I know it’s only been two weeks, but international breaks are booooring. It seems like we only had the last one about three weeks ago and then – boom! – we get another one. I’ve just checked and the next one is November 13th. […]

Break The Cycle

Break the Cycle - Image of Bicycle Cogs

Break the Cycle Break the Cycle Yay, my internet still works! I triumphed over the evils of crossed wires and miscommunications. Since the kids went back to school, I’ve been cycling with my lad to school in an effort to save the planet, save me petrol money, and get into a shape that isn’t potato. […]

Off My Box

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Off My Box Off My Box Hello and welcome once again. It’s lovely to see you. I’ve spent the majority of this week preparing ways to ship out my products. That means a lot of sourcing boxes and envelopes (boring), and getting stickers and products printed (exciting). So, if you’ve ordered anything from me recently […]

A Quick Update

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A Quick Catch Up A Quick Catch Up So, the summer holidays are finally over and the kids are back at school. Well, for a short time anyway. Within a week, I’d received three or four emails from the school telling me about Covid in the classroom, so it was inevitable that we’d get it […]

The Big Screen

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The Big Screen The Big Screen Today I went to the cinema today for the first time in (what feels like) three thousand years. It felt so strange to do something that I regularly used to do but haven’t been able to for 15 months or however long it’s been. The cinema has been turned […]