Ivory Cottage

Residential Care Home for Children

Ivory Cottage approached me to do this project as their website was in need of some TLC and some new content.  On the surface the site appeared to be fine, if a little untidy.  Ivory Cottage had expressed concerns about the time that their previous web designer had taken to complete their updates and told me that the speed of the site changes was of the utmost importance.  They wanted speedy updates and that’s what they would get.

Once I started to look at the site, I could see that it was mish-mash of different font types and sizes, and there wasn’t a theme that ran through the website and tied it all together.  The home page looked different to any other page on the site (with blocks of colour behind the text) and it didn’t fit right.  I tidied the site up and made it uniform in terms of fonts and style and added the new content that was required, along with new images to balance everything.  There were a few other niggles that I found as well, such as the menus – these were set to bring up a blank page if you clicked onto the header of the submenu.  I’m not entirely sure why they would have been set up like this but whatever the reason, it would have been off-putting for any potential clients (I had to run a disk scan because I thought the site had a virus when it kept happening to me!).  I also added the Ivory Cottage logo onto the browser tab.  It’s the little things like this that I feel make all the difference when existing or potential customers are browsing through your site.

Now, Ivory Cottage have a fully functioning, standardised, professional website that they’ll be proud to show off to customers new and old.  I look forward to working with them in the future.

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