Microbore Tooling Systems

Fine Boring Systems & Deep Hole Drilling / Boring

Microbore Tooling Systems are a Nuneaton-based engineering company with affiliates all over the world.  When they contacted me they had a basic website but were disappointed with the progress that they were achieving with their current web developer.  

The first thing that we had to do was swap their website over to a new host.  This was quite difficult as their old developer seemed reluctant to let go.  Nevertheless, we eventually got the details that we required and Microbore became the first company that I am co-hosting the site for.

This site is developing every day as Microbore want to start selling all of their catalogue of products online.  We have had countless meetings to discuss which products are a priority to get on the site and we are working through these to get the site fully functional and making them a real player in the e-commerce world

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