A New Beginning

Adam MaadWeb | 03/12/2018

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A New Beginning

And so a new chapter begins.  After years of tinkling with websites, I have decided to make a change and turn my hobby into my career.  I want to take everything that I’ve learned on my journey and use it to improve the businesses of the local area and beyond.  My skills and experience can turn a business into a force to be reckoned with by opening up or improving e-commerce streams.  I have experience of getting small businesses ranking higher on search engines and I have helped struggling outfits become thriving enterprises.

In the past, I have gained experience of creating websites from scratch, improving websites, search engine optimisation and social media.  My inherent nerdiness means that I love analysing when people are looking at social media posts and website, how they are interacting with your business and then formulating a policy of the best times of day to post and interact.  Using this knowledge, I can help drive people to your website and convert them into paying customers.

I am also a passionate music fan and love designing web sites for bands.  No matter what your business or budget, I want to help you and I will help you.

Please support my business like I want to support yours.  We are better together so let’s have some fun. 

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