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I was asked to do a simple proof-reading and tidy up of this site.  It was quite a challenge as it used a software that is not my number one choice but I got the knack of it in no time.  The site was already established and was in good condition.  There were a few errors that needing correcting that you just wouldn’t have seen if you’d spent all of that time designing it yourself (the benefits of fresh eyes!).  I couldn’t implement the normal SEO operations that I would have liked due to the software used but I did update the meta tags and image tags.  These are a great example of things that a designer needs to stay on top of to ensure an optimum running website – if you keep uploading photos without the right tags, other sites will begin to overtake you in the search listings.  Following my ‘spring-clean’ the website experienced an upturn in organic search visitors and a lower bounce rate.  The visitors will also not have been turned off by those small errors too.

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