Image Upgrades

Coventry City Badge - Close-up - CCFC - from Twist and Shout - MaadWeb

Image Upgrades Image Upgrades Just a quick one this week because I haven’t got too much spare time. Super Jack Firstly, England beat Germany. In a tournament. For the first time in 25 years. Again, England beat Germany. Wow. Thanks to goals from Sterling and Kane and a 21-minute masterclass from my Player of the […]

Best Euro Kits Ever

Ruud Gullit - Holland 88

Best Euro Kits Ever Best Euro Kits Ever Quick Euro 2020 update: Wales will play Denmark. England will play Germany. Scotland are out. This time next week, both England and Wales will be learning who they’ll play in the Quarter Finals. Hey, you’ve got to be positive. It was Father’s Day for us in the […]

Euro 2020 – Week 1 – What a Week!

Euro 2020 Collection - Marcus Rashford Snip

Euro 2020 – Week One – What a Week! Euro 2020 – First Week  What a week! Euro 2020 is certainly living up to expectations. We’ve had joy, despair, tragedy, and worldies. And it’s only Week One. So much has happened in the world of football and MaadWeb. The Euros kicked off, England won, Wales […]

It’s Here!

Jack Grealish - JG7 - Part of MaadWeb's Euro 2020 Series - Wall Art Print - Close-up Face - MaadWeb

It’s here!! Like a kid on Christmas Eve Oh my God, I’m excited! It’s Friday 11th June 2021. 364 days after it was supposed to start, it’s finally here! Euro 2020 kicks off today! I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve. Tonight, in the opening match we have Turkey playing Italy. Turkey has a squad […]

One Love

One Love The Bug I’ve got the bug again! No, not that one. The creative bug. As you’ll know if you’ve read my blogs before, I’ve spent most of my time so far this year working on updating my website and doing dull (but essential) admin, yet this week I realised I hadn’t worked on […]